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Mobile App Request for Proposal (RFP)

Need to hire a developer to build a mobile app? You need to provide the developer enough information so he can give you a proposal, estimate or quote on the cost and time to do the work. You need a Mobile App Request for Proposal (RFP)!

My mobile app RFP template makes it easy to give a developer all the information he needs from you. Just edit the template with your specific information and send it out to developers to bid on. 

I will provide you with a Word template that you can edit to create a mobile app RFP. I will also review your completed RFP and make comments/suggestions to improve it as part of of this $5 gig.

Included with the RFP template is a Proposal template for developers to use to respond to your RFP. It's easy for developers to edit the template and create a proposal to develop your app. And you have a standard format that makes it easy to compare proposals from different developers.